Bitty Bops PreSchool (PreK12) Music Education Curriculum

Bitty Bops PreSchool Music Education:
Birth through Kindergarten

Many public schools and daycare programs provide PreSchool "discovery" classes of many different subject areas for preschoolers. Many of these PreSchool programs lack curricular sequence within their subject areas and also lack sequence into the K-12 educational setting. A well-formulated PreK12 "informal" music education program can provide the youngsters with music development for becoming superior musicians in the K-12 "formal" grades.

With 3 music education degrees, Orff-Schulwerk Level III Certification and master classes beyond, NAfME (formerly MENC) Nationally Certified Master Music Educator, and four decades of experience teaching preschool (birth) through university graduate level, I can provide master art-of-teaching techniques completely free of new teacher trial-and-error. Easy-to-use teacher instructions that all command musical results.

Bitty Bops PreSchool Music Curriculum is a detailed, daily curriculum for a premier preschool music program. Simply stated, Master Teacher How-To's... that cannot fail!

Bitty Bops is Core Skills-Based to teach students well-sequenced music development and artistic performance.

Bitty Bops is a Scope, Sequenced, & Spiraling music curriculum to exposure students to Rhythm and Tonal Skills and Music Concepts in music learning research order, which broaden and deepen with each age-level (Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers).

Bitty Bops is an Activity-by-Activity Master Curriculum for your early childhood classroom, home school, or daycare setting that has proven its effectiveness with all ages of preschool students. Not only will your students develop through all the learning stages of music development, but they will gain a life-time love of music!

Bitty Bops Caveat. No music CDs are provided with the Bitty Bops PreK Music Curriculum due to copyright laws. However, this advantageously provides preschool programs with cost savings because many of the songs listed in the Bitty Bops curriculum are common domain and may be found on the Internet, both in "PDF" written music and in "MP3" recorded music, free of charge or minimal charge.

But don't just take my word on it. Explore the above or below menu tab "Bitty Bops Described" and then click on Bitty Bops Excerpt to download and print a free 25-page excerpt.

David E. Knauss
Ph.D. in Music Education
Doc. Humane Letters

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